DIY Slime Using Marshmallows

How to Make Marshmallow Slime

These days, slime is a big hit with the kids. It comes in different colors and different varieties such as fluffy slime, crunchy slime and glitter slime. They just seem to enjoy the stretching and squishing.

It may sound weird but apparently, playing with slime has several benefits. It’s even therapeutic in a way and is being used as a sensory activity for kids of all ages.

And, as it turns out, you can make it with marshmallows!

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a mug full or marshmallow

Marshmallow Recipe With Egg White

My household loves marshmallows. I can’t stress that enough.

I’ve made several marshmallow posts on this blog – from making mallows soft again to dehydrating marshmallows, making marshmallows without gelatin for my vegan friends, then recreating that vegan marshmallow recipe without corn syrup.

You know how I try to avoid corn syrup in what I whip up in the kitchen. Some of the posts here contain corn syrup as an ingredient, but I usually revisit those posts by remaking a corn syrup-free version of the recipe.

I mentioned previously how I rarely make marshmallows at home. When I do, it’s usually when we have vegan friends coming over. Clue: S’mores!

Store bought marshmallows are really convenient and aren’t really expensive, right? Why would I want to make them at home when a grocery run makes everything easier?

The answer is obvious. Store-bought marshmallows are packed with corn syrup. If you haven’t read much on how they’re made, try looking it up and you’ll understand why I try to avoid store-bought as much as I can.

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Vegan marshmallows in hot chocolate

How to Make Vegan Marshmallows Without Corn Syrup

The kids and I love mallows so we almost always have a store-bought bag in the pantry. I don’t really make marshmallows at home often. But when I do, it’s for a good reason.

The last time I made marshmallows was during the last cookout we had with friends. We had vegan guests so I thought of making vegan marshmallows so they too can enjoy the s’mores. I posted that recipe a few months back and I made it without using gelatin but with a cup and a half of corn syrup.

Those who have been with me from the time I started this blog know that I try to avoid corn syrup if I can. So if I ever post something that has corn syrup on it, I often come back and recreate that recipe eliminating corn syrup from the ingredients.

So, if you’re like me and you prefer corn syrup-free treats, then this recipe is for you, it’s free of corn syrup and gelatin! This is a great treat to make for your vegan family and friends to indulge in and I’m sure you’ll enjoy making this as much as I did.

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