chocolate fondue in a heart shape bowl

Chocolate Fondue Melting Pot Recipe

Apart from caramel, another thing that I love with all my heart is chocolate! I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate???

Whether we’re talking about chocolate ice cream, brownies, delectable chocolate cake, chocolate beverages, chocolate sauce on just about any treat, or just nibbling on some chocolate bits.

Anything chocolatey sounds about right any day of the week. And I haven’t even started talking about chocolate fondue!

I bet you can feel my excitement from where you are. The kid in me gets so excited about dipping almost anything into that pool of melted chocolate. I even get myself spoonfuls just because. LOL.

Growing up, it wasn’t something we often had at home. But in recent years fondue has started to become quite popular and it’s not just cheese fondue anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cheese. But chocolate fondue? It’s something that satisfies a different weakness in me.

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How to Make Caramel Sauce Thicker

Caramel sauces come in different textures depending on how thick or thin you want them to be. You can make them really thick for confections, thin for beverages, or vice versa, or maybe even somewhere in between. For a caramel lover like me, there’s no ultimate rule – it’s just a matter of preference.

Having made caramel sauce for years, I’ve found my preferences. I know my ratio well and can play around with the consistency however I want to. Some days I want it thin, other days thick.

I put it on my pies, cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, scones, brownies, turnovers, cookies, cinnamon rolls, pudding, tarts, pretzels, ice cream, waffles, coffee, and even lick it on a spoon! There’s so much you can do with caramel sauce and knowing how to change its’ consistency can do wonders.

Since I started this blog, I’ve added several caramel recipes, each having different consistencies and richness. This includes some recipes using different techniques and ingredients such as making caramel sauce using brown sugar, then there’s another one without cream or butter, and you can also make one using evaporated milk.

If any of these recipes sound interesting to you, feel free to browse and look around. These recipes are sure to work so there’s no trial and error here. There are also plenty of other caramel recipes here for caramel lovers along with recipes for so many more confections that are great for sweet tooths like us.

On the other hand, if you have your own caramel sauce recipe, but find it too thin for some of your confections, you don’t need to whip up a thicker batch. Keep that jar.

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spanish flan with cherry on top

Super Easy Spanish Flan Recipe

With Thanksgiving over, Christmas is just around the corner. One thing I look forward to on Christmas Eve when I was a kid was my grandma’s Spanish flan.

We are not of Spanish descent, but my grandma’s best friend was half Spanish. She used to bring us Spanish desserts and the flan was my favorite. As grandma started making it on her own, it was one of the recipes I asked her to share with me when I started to do my own stuff in the kitchen.

It’s easy to prepare and doesn’t usually take more than 15 minutes. After preparation, all you have to do is pop it in the oven and wait for an hour. You can do so much more in that timeframe, especially if you’re cooking a feast.

I like to have this delectable dessert after a sumptuous meal of grilled or roasted meat. But really, you can have it anytime even when it’s not Christmas. On a normal day, it’s a great treat to enjoy just because.

It has a rich caramel syrup on top of creamy custard, so what’s not to love about this dessert? Even my kids love it and we have it every now and then even if it’s not a special occasion.

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