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gummy bear coated with chocolate

How to Make Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears

The advantage of being a candy making mom is that when you discover something that’s hard to find in stores, you can easily whip up your own whenever you want to.

So when my daughter came home one day with a bag of chocolate-covered gummy bears she got as a party favor, I know in an instant it’s something I had to make.

A small bag isn’t enough for the kids and it’s a treat not easily found in stores. Add to that the fact that it got me hooked too, there’s just one way to have enough for everyone – make our own!

If you’ve tried my gummy bear recipes, you can do them again ahead of time so you can have as much as you want for a fraction of the price in stores.

How to preserve homemade gummy bears

How to Preserve Homemade Gummy Bears

The only thing holding me back from buying gummies in bulk is that they are too limited in flavor. If I’m not mistaken, there’s only about five standard flavors in the market – or at least for Haribo – raspberry, lemon, orange, pineapple, strawberry.

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